Detailing in Quincy

detailing in quincy

top rater interior car cleaning service in quincy

Make Your Interior Feel Like-New Again With Our Highly-Requested Interior Cleaning Service.

Let Us Transfer Your Interior From " Dirty Looking " to BRAND NEW.


Here at Detailing in Quincy we provide the best interior car cleaning service. We clean the interior from top to bottom, including dashboard, door panels, plastics, leather seats and much more.

Are stained upholstery and carpeting stressing you out? Are your kids constantly spilling juice on the floor of the car or dragging in mud from a nearby creek? Well, throw away that anger management book because cleaning is a thing of the past. Detailing in Quincy offers top quality steam cleaning services which can have even tough stains removed extremely fast with no trauma to your family’s furnishings.

Our Interior Detail Process:

1) Remove all the items from your car’s interior: We’ll put the trash in one plastic bad bag and your important & personal items in another white bag.

2) Deep vacuum: The entire interior, carpets, seats (including trunk and crevices) will be thoroughly vacuumed.

3) Shampoo and extract seats and floor mats: Using our professional detailing chemicals, we’ll spray, agitate, and extract the cloth and leather material. This is where we pull all the gunk & stains from the cloth!

4) Clean and detail interior plastic panels: Now we’ll move onto thoroughly cleaning the whole dashboard, center console, door panels & headliner.

5) Clean windows and mirrors: How can a detail be complete without giving you an amazing crystal clarity? We’ll clean and wipe down all interior glass and mirrors making sure the interior is fully cleaned.

6) Final touch up and door jambs: A final inspection will be completed on the interior to touch up any things we may have missed or need more detailed attention, as well as cleaning up the door jambs.

A lot of our customers are hesitant in calling because they think their interior is too much to handle and that’s not something you should worry about. If you want your interior to look 10x  better, we’ll go out there and get the job done in the best way possible.

Lastly, you can add an Exterior Detailing to perform a complete interior + exterior detail job in Quincy.

Interior car cleaning in Quincy, Massachusetts


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